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Whole body hyperthermia

Whole body hyperthermia is a technique to heat the whole body either up to 42 C for 60 minutes (so-called extreme WBHT) or only 39.5 41 C for longer time, e.g. 3 hours (so-called moderate WBHT or fever-like WBHT).

For WBHT, the patient is as far as possible thermally isolated, and infra-red radiation with different ranges of wavelengths (for several available systems) is depositing energy in the superficial tissues of the body until the desired temperature is achieved. For extreme WBHT, 60 120 minutes are needed until the patient has 42 C achieved under general anesthesia (plus/minus intubation). For moderate WBHT, often deep sedation is sufficient. In any case, careful monitoring of the systemic parameters are required for any kind of WBHT and an intensive care unit should be available in the background.