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Modes of application

The technical approaches to increase the temperature in a more or less circumscribed body region with tumor load ranges from thermoablation in lesions of a few centimeter up to heating the whole body.

Thermoablation is performed with thin laser applicators (laser induced thermotherapy = LITT) or radiofrequency electrodes of a few mm.
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Interstitial hyperthermia
For interstitial hyperthermia, an array of interstitial antennas (microwave) or electrodes (radiowave) is implanted in acessible tumors which might be located in deep or superficial tissues.
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Endoluminal hyperthermia
Endoluminal hyperthermia uses natural orifices to position various kinds of endocavitary applicators (microwave, radiowave, ultrasound) in direct contact to a tumor.
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Local hyperthermia
Local hyperthermia is performed with superficial applicators (microwave, radiowave, ultrasound) of different kinds (waveguide, spiral, current sheet etc.).
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Regional hyperthermia
In regional hyperthermia, interference patterns in deep seated tumors of the pelvis or lower extremities are generated by an array of phase-controlled antennas radiating in the range of 70 – 150 MHz.
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Whole body hyperthermia
Whole body hyperthermia is a technique to heat the whole body either up to 42 C for 60 minutes (so-called extreme WBHT) or only 39.5 41 C for longer time, e.g. 3 hours (so-called moderate WBHT or fever-like WBHT).
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