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In oncology, the generation of a higher temperature at a tumor-involved region of the body is called hyperthermia. There is a variety of temperature ranges going from 39 40 C up to such high temperatures as 80 90 C, and accordingly a number of techniques to induce those temperatures under well-controlled conditions.

During the past along the milleniums, physicians have repeatedly tried to utilize artificial temperature elevations for the treatment of various kinds of diseases, e.g. by induction of fever. Also for tumor diseases, in anecdotal cases a beneficial effect was found.
Because of the complexity of interactions, the attempts were often too unspecific to be really successful.
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Modes of application

The technical approaches to increase the temperature in a more or less circumscribed body region with tumor load ranges from thermoablation in lesions of a few centimeter up to heating the whole body.
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Science Disciplines

The results of both physical and biological research have an important impact on the advancement of hyperthermia treatments.
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