Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the 26th Annual Meeting of ESHO in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Your participation is essential to shape the future of hyperthermia. Following superior results in randomized phase III trials, the interest in hyperthermia is growing continuously as demonstrated by increased patients’ requests, more professionals referring patients and increasing ESHO memberships.

Never before were the prospects of hyperthermia as promising as today. The growing clinical application is carried by a strong increase in understanding the biological mechanisms involved in hyperthermia and a solid enhancement of the quality of the hyperthermia treatment. Progress in technology development has resulted in new hyperthermia devices, advanced hyperthermia treatment planning and non-invasive thermometry. Online optimization of the temperature distribution during treatment is glowing at the horizon. These technical advances are the gateway to targeted heating and to exploitation of thermal-dose effect relationships. Progress in thermo sensitive liposomes brings also the field of nanotechnology in the scope of hyperthermia. This will broaden the clinical spectrum but needs to be chaperoned by strong research on how hyperthermia affects tumour physiology.

All these options will enhance the use of hyperthermia in multimodal cancer treatment. The scientific program of ESHO 2010 will start and end with plenary sessions highlighting the latest innovations in biology, medicine and physics. The plenary sessions in the morning will be followed by proffered paper sessions.

In the afternoon workshops on specific topics will be organized. Each day is closed by a plenary including a poster report.

The meeting will take place in the World Trade Centre (WTC) in the centre of Rotterdam. Instead of stock the WTC has now a reputation in exchange of knowledge. Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands and has a multi-ethnics population. It is a modern, international orientated city with exciting architecture, full of contrast and one of the largest ports in the world.

The spirit of Rotterdam and the promising future of hyperthermia have inspired us to select as motto for the 26th ESHO annual meeting:

“Firing up Cancer Treatment”

Alexander Eggermont and Peter Levendag
Presidents of the ESHO 2010 Annual Meeting