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ESHO publications

International Journal of Hyperthermia

The official journal of the Society for Thermal Medicine,
The European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology and
the Asian Society of Hyperthermic Oncology

Published by:
Informa Healthcare,
Telephone House,
69-77 Paul Street,
London, EC2A 4LQ,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-207-017-6000

Ph.D. theses

Please note that not all of the following theses are online available. If there are theses you like to read,
please contact us and we will send you the demanded files, thank you.

The multi-electrode current source-IHT system,
John van der Koijk
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Interstitial Hyperthermia with PdNi Thermoseeds,
Niek van Wieringen

Numerical modelling of heat transfer in hyperthermia,
Gerard van Leeuwen

Transpupillary Thermotherapy: a new laser treatment of choroidal melanoma,
J.G. Journee-de Korver

A 3-D anatomy based treatment planning system for interstitial hyperthermia,
J. de Bree

Design of a numerical model for describing the heat transfer due to vascular trees, A.N.T.J. Kotte

Pathophysiology of Blood-Brain Barrier, Brain Edema and Cell Injury following Hyperthermia: New Role of Heat Shock Protein, Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide, H.S. Sharma

If you like to add your own PhD summary please send your HTML file to J.J.W.Lagendijk@radth.med.uu.nl